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Who We Are

Vigoroux International Academies, headed by 8th Degree Black Belt Francisco Vigoroux, is an association of over 30 Black Belt instructors operating training facilities in 9 countries, on 3 continents, around the world. As a member of VIA, Driven Self Defense is New England’s only VIA school, offering its students access to some of the world’s top instructors, seminars, and training material.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

We believe in developing a culture that genuinely promotes camaraderie and friendship. We want our training facility to be a place that people enjoy going to and spending time at, an escape of sorts. The success of our students, both on and off the mat, is of utmost importance, and instilling the desire to succeed is our main focus. While so many schools preach these ideas, very few truly succeed at them. Our mission is to bring a school, atmosphere, and culture to the Blackstone Valley that has never before existed in a martial arts school in the area. 

Teaching Style

Driven Self Defense teaches a highly evolved version of Kenpo, updated and adapted to answer the threats posed in modern altercations. This system is a beautiful, yet highly effective Art, that fills the gaps left by more traditional systems, both figuratively and literally. Coupled with teaching methods learned from some of the most successful school owners in the country, the Driven Self Defense Coaches seamlessly and effectively convey information and technique to students, while helping them find their way to success.

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