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If you're looking for the best martial arts classes for children in the Boston area, including Brighton, Cambridge, and Back Bay, you're in the right place.

Parents of our students are ecstatic about the improvements they are seeing in their kids, not only in their ability to defend themselves, but also how much more confident and focused they are becoming. But, it's not just the parents. Teachers in Boston area schools are also seeing the changes in students who are training here at Tiger Fist.

If you are like most parents, you probably want to see your son or daughter build confidence and focus. If so, complete the form below!
Deviant Self Defense is a sort of elite specialty program. Designed for the most dedicated practitioner, Deviant takes one’s training to the next level. With extreme attention to detail, advanced concepts and principles, and the highest levels of instruction and training, Deviant is geared specifically to advanced ranking students looking to get more out of their training. This program focuses specifically on Vigoroux Kenpo Revolution concepts and applications, which can be applied to enhance any martial art or style.
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