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Defense-Wise has been a positive influence for our children, reinforcing discipline and respect, while developing our children in martial arts. The instructors are top-notch...caring, kind and considerate. They are all dedicated to the development of each and every student. Expertise of the instructors is carried through all levels of the school, introducing martial arts to children through mastery levels. Defense-Wise is a warm, friendly, family-centered studio enriching the lives of so many individuals and families. We highly recommend Defense-Wise to anyone looking to enrich their lives.
Chris & Lori - Parents of Brian and Allison
We’re so happy to have found Defense-Wise and hope that karate is something our daughter will keep with her for life. It’s great to see how excited she is to be learning new moves in preparation for the next belt, and how proud she is when she’s earned it. It’s also great to know that our daughter is exercising her mind as well as her body in class and gaining more and more self-confidence. Thank you Sensei Deb, and all of the other instructors for the valuable training and fun that you provide for our daughter.
Jenn and Dan - Parents of Ella

I want to tell you how much I like doing karate at Defensewise. I go to a group class and family class. I like karate because it is really exercising. You also get a lot of time before going to the next rank so you can learn more. I really like family class because you get to do karate with your parents. And the senseis are really nice. It's the best karate class ever!
Ben Miller - 7 year old
The instructors at Defense Wise encourage the students to reach their potential through consistent effort, while forming lasting friendships at the same time. As Katie has her sights set on earning her black belt, we will forever be grateful for the skills that Katie has learned, not only the physical benefits of martial arts but also the reward that comes along with hard work, discipline and effort. We highly recommend Defense Wise!
The Egan Family

As a mother of three with children aged 5, 7, and 9, Defense-Wise has provided everything that I could ask for in a martial arts studio: dedicated and caring instructors, organized and developmental weekly sessions, and a welcoming, family-centered atmosphere. From the first minute Sensei Deb met my children, I knew I had found the perfect place for them to learn and grow. This studio consists of AMAZING instructors with expertise in introducing and teaching martial arts to children. The values of discipline and respect for oneself and others are consistently woven into every session. I cannot think of a more worthwhile activity to enhance the development of my sons and daughter. Defense-Wise easily provides the compassion, challenge and support for any child to succeed!
Michele Hearn
Mother of Sam, Jack and Katie
My family and I have had the pleasure of being involved with Sensei Deb for the past 7 years. Both of my daughters started karate in their Kindergarten year and continued to progress through their brown belts. My youngest daughter, Laura, who is now almost 10 and ready to take her test for 2nd Degree brown belt, has set her sights on becoming a black belt. Laura's aspiration has been made possible by Sensei Deb's amazing dedication to each and every one of her students, along with the help and support of her loyal team at Defense Wise. As a mother, I am extremely comfortable that all measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the students and am extremely impressed by the level of respect that is shown not only by the instructors, but by the students for their instructors and fellow students. I would not hesitate in recommending Defense Wise as the best Dojo in the area.
Lisa Berube Phillips
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